Beyond Science Scholarship Program aims to provide financial support to deserving and meritorious students, who lack resources to pursue their dreams. Along with the financial support, this program offers mentoring and career guidance to the beneficiaries when required. Based on the funds available, we will offer scholarships to selected candidates every year, in each category.

Beyond Science Scholarship is an affiliate of Gnanaratna Charitable Trust. To avail the scholarship, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find out your Eligibility
  2. Fill the Application form
  3. Attach the Required forms
  4. Submit the Requisition letter
  5. Submit the Recommendation letter.

A mentor is one who will walk alongside you, to guide you and help you create an impact. Would you like guidance on your career? Did you know that with a mentor by your side, you can develop your skills, and focus better to achieve your targets and goals?

Mentors from the Deborah Rise Movement are women achievers, with expertise on mentoring and counseling.

They will offer you guidance, support, and encouragement, in your to help you choose a life and career, that suit your interest and skill-set. Write to to connect to your mentor.