Look for the pattern that
God is intentionally drawing
in your life when life is falling apart
-Latha christie-
Your purchase is a contribution towards scholarship for needy children and feeding the homeless, through the Gnanarathna Trust. Thank you.
Your purchase is a contribution towards scholarship for needy children and feeding the homeless, through the Gnanarathna Trust. Thank you.
Beyond the Boundaries of Science
In today’s postmodern culture of smart-phones and GPS, our millennials struggle with a major shift in thinking—questioning truth claims and denying absolutetruth. Amidst this culture, the ultimate questions in life still linger: Where did I come from? (Origin) What is the meaning of life? (Meaning) How do I know what is right and wrong? (Morality) and Where do I go after I die? (Destiny).

When the books of Richard Dawkins proclaim God as a delusion and those of Stephen Hawking and Atkins declares that God is non-existent and the whole universe popped out on its own, and science has eliminated the need for a cosmic purpose, the poignant question erupts: Is faith against reason?

As a scientist by profession for more than three decades, Dr. Latha Christie wanted to know whether scientific evidence points to chance or eternal God as per the Bible. She searched for evidence from the latest research in the various disciplines of science, namely archaeology, physics, biology, geology, genetics, and cosmology by journeying through the Big Bang, through the birth and death of stars, through the formation of galaxies and our sun, through the origin of water on our planet, and the beginnings of living organisms—single-celled organisms, multicellular organisms, fish, birds, animals, and human beings.

And this research gave birth to the book—Beyond the boundaries of science: Exploring the cosmic story. Her scientific investigation pointed her to a divine architect who has created a finely tuned universe that functions in a consistent manner expressive of the character and wisdom of its designer.

The research also revealed that the creative process described in Genesis 1 could be related to the latest scientific evidence, possibly solving the controversies between various Christian groups who interpret Genesis 1 differently. The evidence and interpretation presented in this book will help the reader dive into the mysteries of both science and Scripture, where faith and fact intersect.

When The Flame Flickers
Stop being a silent spectator to women who are held captive in domestic violence. This book shows you how to combat a problem that is pervasive.

Dr Christie’s book deals with the subject of marital abuse in a different and almost interactive way with readers. She is determined to bring clarity on what Domestic Violence really is and to give hope and healing to those women who have been broken by such atrocities, within the walls of their own homes. The author’s desire in writing this book stems from a burning desire and a vision, which aim to lead victims of this kind of abuse away from the shadows and to rebuild that which was destroyed: dignity, self-respect and irrepressible joy.

This book proves, with evidence, that if you or someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, there are ways to break away and stop the cycle of domestic violence. The mandate of this book is to help battered wives in unbearably abusive marriages to put a halt to their descent into the bottomless abyss that life has drawn them into; and realize there is a way up, out and onward, thus empowering them. Above all, the book provides the path to healing after abuse and taking charge of one’s future.

It is time the world stopped being a mute spectator to women who are imprisoned in domestic violence along with sexual and economic exploitation. Every incident and study in this book has emerged from true life experience.
‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.,’
Jeremiah 29:11