Latha Christie
Dr. Latha Christie is a Senior Scientist from Bangalore, India, with around 34 years of experience. She graduated with honors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu. She pursued her Masters and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

She holds an International Executive Diploma in Project Management from I2P2M in collaboration with George Washington University School of Business, Washington DC, USA.

She was awarded the Women Achiever Award by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( March 2022). She also received the International Inspirational Women Award by GISR foundation (April 2022). She was awarded the prestigious Prof. Satish Dhawan Award for Engineers, Instituted by the Government of Karnataka, for her outstanding achievements in engineering sciences by the Chief Minister (2014). Other awards include the AGNI team Award for Excellence in Self-Reliance and the best technical Paper award for papers submitted at various conferences. She has around 70 published papers in peer-reviewed Journals and Conferences. She has written four books:
  1. A technical book: Coupled-Resonator Slow-Wave Structures for Traveling-Wave Tubes: An Analysis, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.
  2. A technical book: Electromagnetic Modeling of Waveguide Discontinuities: An Analysis, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2019.
  3. A social book on Domestic Abuse faced by women: When the Flame Flickers: Emerging from Marital Abuse, SAIACS, 2015 & WIPF and Stock, US, 2019 (second ed.).
  4. A book on the intersection between science and religion: Beyond the boundaries of science: Exploring the Cosmic Story, WIPF and Stock US, 2019.
Her desire in the spiritual realm led her to obtain a Master of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, M.A. in Christian studies from the Madras University, and training in apologetics from RCCA, India. She is also a certified counselor from Word of Life, Wichita, USA